Introduction by Gordon Wilson

So far, the debate in the Independence referendum has been poor. The YES campaign has been passive, merely soaking up punishment The No Campaign has been more active but unrelentingly negative.

The YES strategy is getting under way at last but has a great deal of headway to make up, given that support for Independence remains stubbornly at 34% at best. Meantime the Referendum debate has degenerated into boring trench warfare.

The Scottish people are eager for facts and ideas. They do not know which way to turn. Even staunch SNP voters are confused. A true vision of the future for Scotland must be based on the opportunities which independence will liberate.

OPTIONS FOR SCOTLAND is in the ideas business. Its defining standpoint is:  what is in Scotland’s national interest. Scotland has not thought of itself as a state for a long time.  With devolution, Scotland’s eyes are trained on London which provides money and controls vital areas of policy. London has always regarded England as the dominating component, merely incorporating Scotland and the other UK members. Thus policies adopted by London can be adverse to Scotland’s interests.

OPTIONS FOR SCOTLAND will demonstrate a range of choices on key issues open to a Scottish state. These will be options for the Scottish people, not policies. Policies will be placed by the political parties before the people in General Elections after independence. And then, the Scottish people will decide.