Meeting With Scientific Alliance

Following upon publication of the paper on Electricity Generating Options for an Independent Scotland, Options for Scotland Director, Gordon Wilson had a meeting today in Edinburgh with representatives of the Scientific Alliance.

Attending the meeting were Prof. Jack Ponton, FREng, FI ChemE (former vice president of the Institution of Chemical Engineers), Chartered Engineer, Keith Burns who carries out consultancy work in nuclear regulation and operation in the UK and Canada, and in China with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The meeting looked our Electricity Generating Options in the light of pragmatic carbon free generation in Scotland.

Very much under discussion was how scientific policy could be advanced better in dealings with politicians and civil servants. Gordon Wilson indicated that there would be a fresh start in an independent Scotland where the incoming Government would take responsibility for the first time in scientific research and development with new Ministries coming into existence to deal with these matters as well as energy, industry and defence, all of which would have a significant research input. Additionally, the Scottish Parliament would need to establish oversight specialist committees which would give access for the first time in Scotland.