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Category Archives: Europe

A New Paradigm

The Brexit vote created a paradigm shift in European economic, constitutional and political life. We are in a new place, caused by a profound change in the geopolitical model existing in Europe for past generations. What was, is no more, and what now is, becomes a new evolving economic, constitutional and political structure shaped by [...]

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Long Term Strategy for Independence

Fifty years ago, SNP strategists hoped to see left/right class politics in Scotland replaced by identity politics in which the issue of Scotland’s independence would become paramount. Two years after the Scottish Referendum, the dust has settled and in its aftermath, it is clear, there has been a radical transformation in political opinion. If the [...]

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SCOTLAND’S ROLE IN THE EUROPEAN REFERENDUM By Gordon Wilson Director of Options for Scotland and a former Leader of the Scottish National Party. 20th February 2016   Britexit for the UK? In, out and shake it all about for Scotland? Shortly after the uncertainties of thee independence referendum, the UK and Scottish electorates have to [...]

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See EU, Jimmy

I wonder what my mother’s brother, my uncle Jimmy, would think of things now.  He went into a POW camp after the 51st. Highland Division was forced to surrender at St. Valery in June 1940.  He never came back.  Lots of Scottish uncle Jimmys never came back.  Their graves are to be found all over [...]

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Referendum Initiative by Gordon Wilson

Following upon an initiative in November 2012 when Gordon Wilson and Jim Sillars raised the option of EFTA (The European Free Trade Association) as a solution to the wrangling over whether Scotland would be admitted to membership of the European Union, Gordon Wilson, former Chairman (Leader) of the Scottish National Party today announced the setting [...]

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Wilson and Sillars Intervention in the Scotland-EU Issue

Statement by Gordon Wilson, past leader of the SNP, and Jim Sillars, former deputy leader of the SNP. This statement is issued because of our concern that the Scottish Government, and through it, the Yes side, has had  difficulties over the question of Scotland and Europe –something that must be resolved quickly given its importance [...]

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