A New Paradigm

The Brexit vote created a paradigm shift in European economic, constitutional and political life. We are in a new place, caused by a profound change in the geopolitical model existing in Europe for past generations. What was, is no more, and what now is, becomes a new evolving economic, constitutional and political structure shaped by the  Brexit  dynamic.

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What Future for Labour after the Collapse?


Entering the debate about the future of the Labour Party in Scotland, Jim Sillars forcefully addresses the Labour dilemma. As former Labour MP for South Ayrshire, founder of the Scottish Labour Party (SLP) in the seventies and then SNP MP for Govan and deputy leader of the SNP, he has unmatched experience of the political journey upon which Scottish Labour has now to embark if it is to survive.

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Britain Is Bust

Do you remember, not so long ago, the joy with which the No side sneered at the prospect of an independent Scotland being given the thumbs down by the credit agencies? No AAA status for this small nation state, no Sir, better to shelter under the brilliant economic management of the Brown/Balls/Darling Labour era and the present magnificently successful stewardship of George Osborne that now sees UK debt heading towards £1.2 trillion, with £1.5 trillion likely by 2017.

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See EU, Jimmy

I wonder what my mother’s brother, my uncle Jimmy, would think of things now.  He went into a POW camp after the 51st. Highland Division was forced to surrender at St. Valery in June 1940.  He never came back.  Lots of Scottish uncle Jimmys never came back.  Their graves are to be found all over Europe – the Europe we are told will reject us if we vote for our independence.

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