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The location of New Ministries in an Independent Scotland

Read the full paper here “The Scottish Government needs to prepare a detailed plan for the negotiations with the UK Government over the timescale of transfer of civil service and agency functions. It should also start now with plans for the establishment of new ministries such as External Affairs, Economic Management, Defence and Energy including [...]

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Aviation Policy Options for Scotland, October 2013

DOWNLOAD PDF DOCUMENT: Options for Scotland Aviation Aviation Policy Options for Scotland, October 2013 Iain Lawson   INTRODUCTION Scotland possesses five major airports – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Prestwick and Inverness – and many other smaller centres. The principal problem is that of limited European connections and very few long haul flights to international destinations. Compared to [...]

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A National Plan for Scotland’s Oil and Gas Industry

Paper is available in PDF format oil-and-gas-national-plan

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Options for Energy Generation in Scotland

Download the PDF version OPTIONS FOR SCOTLAND Electricity Generation Options for an Independent Scotland Foreword Electricity is central to modern life.  It is a prime responsibility of Government to ensure that domestic and industrial customers have a reliable and environmentally clean electricity supply, produced at the cheapest possible cost. Scotland has a huge reservoir of [...]

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